The Velveteen Rabbit

The Velveteen RabitThe Velveteen Rabbit is a musical adaptation of the classic story by Margery Williams written George Gray, music by Chris Talbert.  Like the original book, it is an endearing tale of love between a boy and his favorite toy.  At first the Rabbit is new and lonely in the toy chest where the other toys deride his inability to “do” anything.  The Skin Horse, however, teaches him, “It isn’t what you do, it’s who you are,” and sing to him about becoming Real.  Sure enough, in time, the Boy begins to love the Rabbit and when one night he says to Nana, “He’s not a toy!” the dream comes true.  Even an encounter with two live rabbits doesn’t daunt his faith.

When the Boy gets scarlet fever, the Rabbit’s constant vigil helps save him.  The doctor, however, orders that everything the Boy has touched, including toys, must be burned.

Just as it seems all hope is lost, the Nursery Magic Fairy appears and makes the Rabbit really Real.  The focus on sping, love, devotion, sacrifice, and regeneration (not to mention the Rabbit) make this an ideal musical for any time of the year, especially for families with children.

This script was originally presented by The Children’s Theatre of Charlotte, NC, in the Spring of 1992.  It is published by Encore Performance Publishing