Progress Report

The Landmark Studio: A Progress Report

The Landmark Studio for the Arts is taking a new approach to “opening its arms” to members of the local community. Of course, we always thought of ourselves as “welcoming”, but over the years I think we took for granted that everyone else automatically knew they were welcome to become involved and join us. But what I think we’ve learned recently is that throwing out the welcome mat is simply not enough. We have had to change.

Change is necessary for growth. It doesn’t matter on what level this adage is applied, it rings so true. And so, we have tried to institute some much-needed changes in the Landmark for the past six months and we’re now ready to officially launch some of these much-needed changes.

1. The Landmark Studio for the Arts now has a new website. The website is more interactive and more informative regarding events and activities at the Landmark..

2. The Landmark Kids group has been established for involving youngsters in not just theatrical experiences, but a broad range of activities such as storytelling, drawing and movement.

3. The Landmark is looking to expand its non-theatrical activities next season to the community. This includes more hands-on workshops in painting, drawing, photography, dance and music. It also includes more music and dance performances across cultural boundaries.

4. The Landmark would like to be seen as your art museum in the community. We’d like to invite more artists to display their work and/or have traveling exhibits make the Landmark one of their exhibit spaces.

5. Rather than being open just for events, we would like to have regular hours for visiting the facility. We’d like to have our doors open more often for meetings, for music “jams”, book review sessions; not everything has to happen in the auditorium with our spacious lobby area.

6. The Landmark has established the Shawn Cutlip scholarship for any student going into the arts with demonstrated ability for such recognition. The $1,000 scholarship will be offered to 2013 graduates.

7. The Landmark Studio now, not only has a group page on Facebook, but a fan page as well, which offers more flexibility for communication and marketing.

8. Finally, the Landmark has made a number of physical changes to the facility to make it more pleasing and more comfortable for our community. New insulation, added fans, better lighting and a new paint job in the auditorium are just a few of the improvements that have been made and will be on-going.

The Landmark needs to continue looking for ways to make our facility a true community arts center serving the needs of all aspects of our community. We need to continue to grow and improve what we offer the community. This takes time, people, commitment and money. On our new website we’ve made it easy to donate to the Landmark on any number of levels. Whether as a donor, a sponsor, a season ticket holder a patron, there’s a place for anyone who would like to give and financially support the Landmark.

The Landmark has a history of people who have given of their time, their energy and their financial support. We have many photographs of shows dating back to 1980 that we are now getting placed on a disc to share with folks who visit the website. The Landmark has a history rich with success stories of young folks going on to work in the arts. It has a history rich with wonderful shows that participants will never forget.

Help us to keep this heritage alive by becoming involved with the Landmark Studio for the Arts.