Landmark Youth Theater Ensemble (LYTE)

The Landmark Youth Theatre Ensemble invites participants aged 3-18 to explore the many aspects of theatre development and performance at The Landmark Studio for the Arts. This program gives participants the opportunity to develop a variety of skills by engaging in drama and musical theatre workshops run by experienced professionals. Participants are guided to develop confidence in the performing arts, such as acting, singing, and dancing.

Participants will also be exposed to technical and ‘behind the scenes’ elements which are vital to the success of any performance in theatre. These workshop areas might include: costumes, hair and makeup, prop creation, set build and design, and lighting and sound operation.

 LYTE runs from July 1 to June 30. In the summer months students will participate in a variety of professional workshops. These workshops will help to develop the skills necessary to aid them in auditioning for the fall and spring LYTE productions. All LYTE participants will be cast in the production. These auditions provide the opportunity for you to showcase your talents for the creative team (director, choreographer and musical director) and audition for a specific role in the production. Participation in the program is FREE to any attendee.

The significant commitment by both the youth and parents to the LYTE results in vibrant and rewarding theatre experiences. All families are expected to volunteer their time and skills leading up to the show and during the run of the show. Parent and family members will be able to volunteer in all areas of the theatre: set decoration, set construction, costumes, backstage, hair and makeup, props, lighting and sound. Training will be provided: no experience necessary! This pr

ovides a great opportunity to meet new people and be a part of the production and a lasting family experience.

 Using the Arts to Learn Through Community Service. Providing youth an avenue to pursue the arts and aid in the process of growth in self-esteem is the mission of the LYTE program.

Contact person: Becky Conrad

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